Pictures From The Farm

My wife’s aunt Sandy, who also lives up at the farm, sent me these photos. The farmer was out there today planting the corn and and fertilizing with fish emulsion and molasses. It’s an organic farm so nothing but the best sticky & stinky stuff for those baby corn plants.

I also realized a funny irony this morning… I’m building a tiny house just a couple miles from the Sutter Buttes, which has the honor of being known as the world’s smallest mountain range. I may also be the only person who thinks building a tiny house at the foot of the world’s smallest mountain range is  funny… so thanks for bearing with me.

It will be even funnier when I build Nine Tiny Feet which might actually become a contender for the title of the world’s smallest house… but I’m not holding my breath or getting my hopes too high.



Progress! The walls are half way up!

I finally found time to get back up to the farm for a couple days to work on the tiny free house. I got the walls half way up and now only need 6 more pallets for the walls and 8 more for the roof. The walls are a not exactly plumb but not bad. They should be strong enough but they will definitely have a bit more character than most homes.

King, the dog, kept me company the whole time. Unfortunately this time of year (right after harverst) the nearby fields tend to breed lots of flies, especially the tomato fields, so King and I were constantly shaking off flies… yeah yuck. The shower at the end of the day felt really good.

Katie did come out and help a bit though. I’m not sure exactly what she thinks of the tiny house yet but she seems to be warming up to it. This was the first time she actually wanted to get inside and help her dad.

Here’s one more photo at the end of the day. We needed to move it so I piled up all the pallet wood and pallets inside.

I’m also posting updates on Tiny House Forum too.