Revised Framing Plan

Here is a start on the revised framing plan based on the new floor plan and 16″ board width. I’ll draw the walls next so you can see how each panel is framed. I’ll also be sure to stagger/alternate the horizontal seams so that the walls are stronger and don’t have one long weak joint. You’ll also notice that not all the siding boards are the same size simply due to the fact that the width and length of the house are not equally divisible by 16″. If I put uneven boards (the non 16″ boards) in the middle it would look really weird, so I’m making up the difference at the corners. The corners will also be capped with vertical boards for added visual interest and a better seal.

I’m also still noodling through roof pitch alternatives. I like the idea of a simple symmetrical pitched roof because they look cute. But I’m not really happy with the limited headroom in the loft. I’ll do a couple quick drawings to explore other options. One reader suggested a flat sod roof and as much as I like the idea for house on a permanent foundation I’m afraid a tiny house that rolls down the highway from time to time might have a bit of trouble with a planted roof. Can you imagine being the guy behind me? ha ha