An Inspiring Approach To Building Pallet Houses

In a disaster situation survival is the primary need, speed to build trumps all other requirements. These little houses are a wonderful example of how a little design and care can result in a very usable and aesthetic house while still being extremely quick to build with easily available materials. It’s much more than a box or shed. It’s a well thought out design and construction method. Kudos to the people behind this project!

I have considered building with unmodified pallets but a speedy build times are not a requirement for me. Quality of end result is far more important because I see tiny free homes like the one I’m building to be occupied permanently and not only used for disaster situations. I also want to show how a very livable home can be built with free materials. Breaking down pallets and rebuilding with the wood seems to be a valuable use of time since it should yield a stronger and longer lasting home.

What are your thoughts?