Weekends Keep Slipping By…

Just a quick update… for weeks now I’ve been hoping to get back up to the farm, and tiny free house, to finish the walls and get the roof on. But as each weekend approaches something seems to pop up between me and the tiny house. A trip to LA, winterizing my big house, rain, and so on. It’s been a little discouraging but I’m still very hopeful that when I make it back to the farm I’ll get a lot done.

Oh and I got some bad news from James Burgett at Alameda County Computer Resource Center. It turns out he won’t be able to help me out. I’m not too bummed about about the stuff, more bummed out he won’t be able to contribute his ideas. One of them was to figure out a way using free stuff to provide power. He described making a wind mill out an old discarded power drill, a bike wheel, and milk jugs. I can’t really go into why James won’t be able to help, but my best to him. Rock on James!

Quick Pallet Comparison

I was unloading the truck today and got a better look at some pallets I recently picked up. They had been posted on craigslist and set beside a dumpster. I business giving them away was a place that sells wine and several of the pallets were extremely heavy duty. I guess that makes sense; wine is really heavy and you wouldn’t want the pallet to fall apart on you. There were also some good standard pallets. This picture shows the variety of pallets pretty well… they really is so much diversity.

The pallet on the left is the heavy duty pallet and will be dismantled and probably remade into cabinets and shelves. You can see it’s a 2-way pallet and lacks the fork lift fork notches like most standard pallets. This is great for me because I’ll be able to make good use of the solid 2x4s. The pallet on the right is a standard 48″ by 40″ 4-way pallet which will probably become part of the roof. It’s fairly light weight and should be strait enough. It’s got a little bow to it but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

More Pallets Today

Last night I noticed someone had posted some pallets on craigslist so this morning before work Katie and I made a pallet run and crossed our fingers that they were still there. We lucked out and picked up 12 good pallets. I’d say 6 are nice standard pallets (40″ by 48″) and the other six will need only minor repair before they become walls and part of the roof.