The Scrap House is Progressing Nicely

My own tiny free house is taking a lot longer to build than I ever expected but I just checked in on the scrap house gang and they are really making great headway on their free house.

They’ve been distracted too and have had some short delays as well. I think time may be the most common challenge with free house construction, scavenging takes a lot of it and you can’t just go down to the store and buy stuff. Take a look at their latest progress, visit The Scrap House blog.


A Free House Built By Students

I ran across this on Kent Griswold’s blog this morning and jumped for joy. It’s another tiny free house project being built by three students in Salvo, NC. They are scavenging free materials and building a very nice 96 square foot tiny house. It has a little kitchen, bathroom, and living area. They plan to be done within a month.

I’d love to see a million free houses pop-up around the country. I can’t be the only one this simple idea has occured to… and the more people that do it, the more people will try it and discover that a little ingenuity can replace spending money any day. Read the complete story on Tiny House Blog. You can also visit the students’ project blog at