Trailer Is Stripped And Ready For Paint

I have the best father-in-law in the world. No really I’d pit my father-in-law against anyone’s in a test of bend-over-backwards altruism. Too bad they don’t make his kind of character much anymore. You see after I gave the old trailer a careful inspection in the weeds on Saturday and decided to use it for the tiny free house and take my chances with any necessary repairs, (new wiring, tires, etc), he pulled it out of the grass yesterday, hauled all the old junk out of it, and stripped off the rotten wood. Now we can see the base steel frame, tires, axles, pretty much everything very clearly.

As it turns out the trailer already has electric breaks and the tires are old but fine. Two need a flat repair but very usable. So for a few bucks and a coat of paint it looks like the tiny free house has a trailer to ride on. Photo credit Dick Johnson. Thanks Again Dick!