Updated Design with Windows

Below is a quick drawing of the tiny free house with the free windows I picked up today. They are a bit bigger than I expected but they seem to fit pretty good proportionally. The only one that looks a bit on the big side is the bathroom window on the back wall (far left). We’ll see how it really looks like this weekend. I’m shooting to get all the walls up and window openings cut and framed. The next image you see here should be a photo… all things equal.

Good Day For Free Stuff

Before work I was able to get a load of good pallets. I even got a few over-sized pallets. It will be handy having a few long 2x4s. I discovered that car lots, of all places, are good place to get free pallets. I guess they order auto parts in bulk and they come on pallets. I’m sure some items, like body parts, also come on pallets. I’ll start calling more car lots tomorrow. I’m going to try to get the walls up this weekend so I need as many pallets as I can get my hands on so I have plenty of good ones for the walls.

After work I drove about 10 miles away to pick up some free windows. I’ll post a revised drawing tonight showing how the final windows will look on the house. Rich, the guy who had the windows, is replacing all his windows one at a time and had a pile of old double glazed aluminum windows growing in his yard. He posted them on craigslist this morning and minutes later had people contacting him saying they could come pick them up immediately. Lucky for me he liked the idea of giving them to people like me and not to the people who were clearly going to resell them. Thanks Rich!

Here are the pallets in the back of my truck out behind the car dealership. By the way… be sure to ask first before taking pallets. The fellow I called to get these said that you’re on camera the second you drive onto the lot and they don’t like people picking stuff up without permission. I guess they get a lot of theft.