Free Housing Example On Craigslist

Sacramento has a very active craigslist and I spot free mobile homes on there regularly. They are usually in pretty rough condition and to haul one of these away would require a bit of work and a large truck. But for the right person this could be a really turn out to be a great opportunity. If the condition is too far gone imagine the tiny house you could build on a 14′ by 60′ trailer frame.

Another Free Trailer Example

I just spotted this on craigslist but I be I’m too late to get it. I’ve noticed that competition for the free stuff on craigslist has been increasing, and this trailer was posted four hours ago, a lifetime on craigslist. I’m thinking that if it’s not a good renovation candidate that I’d be able to use a trailer for raw material for the tiny free house and the trailer for a future tiny house.


Free Trailer Example (Portable Poop Coop)

There are three free trailers on craigslist right at this moment in Sacramento. I keep my eye out for them but not racing out to pick one up. They all seem to come without any DMV paperwork which can be tricky when trying to reuse the trailer for a tiny house or utility trailer. It’s not impossible to say the least, just more work than having a title in hand. Here’s the funniest one. It sounds like total loss as a travel trailer but might be perfect for a small tiny house. I just had to share.