Furniture built from free pallets and barn wood

The furniture you see below was made from free pallets and barn wood. When I first saw the photos I really couldn’t believe my eyes. They were made by Jeff who seems to have an endless supply of talents including tiny house building. I posted an article on Jeff’s tiny house on my tiny house design blog a little while back. Be sure to take a look at that house, also very nice. Here’s what Jeff said about this furniture:

The first is a wine cellarette and is built from reclaimed barn boards. It appears to be Southern Yellow Pine with lots of insect damage, which actually adds a lot of character. The other is a Low Boy made of oak.  Typically you would not find an oak low boy, but pallets are free. The pallets I used for the low boy were from pallets used to ship heavy equipment, they were 1″ thick.

It’s really amazing what can be done with free found stuff. It take a bit more effort to turn the trash back into usable material but it can be done, and in this case done very well.