Cheap stuff example on craigslist

Just a heads up to anyone in the Sacramento region. This was recently posted on craigslist under ‘garage sales’. If you’re looking for cheap stuff or even building materials like I am you might want to check this out. If you don’t live in this area keep tabs on your local craigslist. Watch the ‘free’ section as well as ‘materials’ and ‘garage sales’.


Free Trailer Example (Portable Poop Coop)

There are three free trailers on craigslist right at this moment in Sacramento. I keep my eye out for them but not racing out to pick one up. They all seem to come without any DMV paperwork which can be tricky when trying to reuse the trailer for a tiny house or utility trailer. It’s not impossible to say the least, just more work than having a title in hand. Here’s the funniest one. It sounds like total loss as a travel trailer but might be perfect for a small tiny house. I just had to share.