Now that’s a lot of pallets!

Thunderstorms and lack of long pallets for framing the roof will keep me from working on the tiny free house this weekend but I’ll definitely be out looking for the last few long pallets I need to complete the framing.

On another note, Julia just spotted this about 150 miles away from us. Too far for us to go on a three hour drive Freemont but if you live in the SF South Bay and want to build a whole town of tiny pallet houses you might just be in luck. Take a look at this craigslist post. Makes my mouth water.


2500 Free Pallets In Brooklyn

Actually the craigslist ad says that they will pay you to take these 2500 pallets off their hands, so these pallets are more than free. Now Brooklyn is a bit of a drive from Sacramento, 2,823 miles to be exact. So I won’t be rushing out to get these 2500 pallets. But if you’re in the Brooklyn area, want free pallets, have a place to store them, and like getting paid, you might want to take a look at this craigslist ad. Thanks for the tip Vanessa!

Another Free Trailer Example

I just spotted this on craigslist but I be I’m too late to get it. I’ve noticed that competition for the free stuff on craigslist has been increasing, and this trailer was posted four hours ago, a lifetime on craigslist. I’m thinking that if it’s not a good renovation candidate that I’d be able to use a trailer for raw material for the tiny free house and the trailer for a future tiny house.