Quick Roofline Design Update

I’ve almost got that alternate roof line figured out. I tried to draw it flat last night with new open source software called DrawBerry, but I think I’m going to try my hand at Google SketchUp again and see if I can do a better sketch with that. It’s a bit hard to visualize and I think seeing it in 3D will help show how whimsical it will be, if I decide to go this route. Stay tuned. Here’s the flat sketch.


Poo Payback?

Initially when I conceived the original requirements for my tiny free house I was thinking I’d build it as a ‘park model’ house which simply means it would have a normal flush toilet, water and electric hookups. Then someone posted a comment on my tiny pallet house blog suggesting I look into humanure.

Don’t worry the correct initial response is “WHAT IS HUMANURE!!!”. But after a little investigation I believe you might be overcome by the the idea… no no not the smell. You see there is an ebook you can download right now (yes for free) that explains exactly how to build yourself a $25 sawdust toilet.

The book is by a very funny guy by the name of Joseph Jenkins. I actually have never spoken to him but I have to say his book, The Humanure Handbook is actually a pretty funny read filled with great cartoons so I have to assume the guy behind it has a good sense of humor. I mean… what guy that writes poo books wouldn’t be funny… but I digress.

I haven’t told my wife yet but I think I may want to consider this for the tiny free house. I bet I can even build one of these little jobs for free. I mean its just a 5 gallon bucket, a wood box, a toilet seat, sawdust, and some poo right? There’s always a free toilet on craigslist but the idea of having a free composting toilet that is also great for the environment just seems like a great win-win (and you get to keep the poo!)

Well at least it’s worth some serious investigation as long as I wash my hands with warm soapy water right? Photo credit to Joseph Jenkins and Tom Griffin.

Updated Design with Windows

Below is a quick drawing of the tiny free house with the free windows I picked up today. They are a bit bigger than I expected but they seem to fit pretty good proportionally. The only one that looks a bit on the big side is the bathroom window on the back wall (far left). We’ll see how it really looks like this weekend. I’m shooting to get all the walls up and window openings cut and framed. The next image you see here should be a photo… all things equal.