Got Plywood!

A few weeks ago I scored some used plywood and OSB sheathing. We just found the photos we took so I thought I’d post news of this lucky find. Sheathing will add a lot of rigidity and strength to the shell. The only disadvantage is that they won’t give me the look the way I want but I think I can still do something with pallet boards on the exterior to achieve the finish I want.

After removing all the nails I’ll put it on the exterior walls and interior ceiling. But first I need to put some roofing on it and insulate the roof. I’ve had little luck finding anything suitable for the roof but I’ve also had little time to scrounge around… so at the very least I’ll cover it before the rain starts with roofing felt and possibly a tarp. At this point the less rain on the house the better.

The plywood is now stored in the shed/shop at the farm… well protected from the rain. It will stay there until I started putting it on the house.

plywood for tiny free pallet house

Corn Harvested

Julia, Katie and I went up to the farm yesterday to pick pumpkins from Katie’s personal pumpkin patch and I snapped this photo of all that’s left from 40-acres of corn. They hauled off five big double trailed trucks filled with organic feed corn when all was said and done.

Now that the corn is harvested and the field has been mowed and plowed it’s ready for seeding or planting again. This year instead of a winter cover crop he’ll actually be planting vegetables… which should be interesting… he’s never done that here before.

tiny house corn

We didn’t get any work done on the tiny house since it was just a fun family mid-week trip. The next time I go up to work I’ll put the roofing felt down to protect it from the rain. I’m also hoping to get some scrap sheet metal for the roof but we’ll see how that pans out… you never know what will turn up. I’ll keep you posted.

Roof Update

I spent the last two days working in the Tiny Free House and got the other window lowered about 8 inches to clear the eaves and finished adding pallet boards to the roof. It was very slow going screwing all those boards to the trusses. I used an extension ladder from the outside for the lower boards and did the peak from the inside by coming up through the framing.

My next step is to cover the roof with roofing felt to protect the house from the rain and start on the siding on my next trip… unless my father-in-law scores form scrap sheet metal for me. He mentioned he knew a couple guys with sheet metal shops that often have shingle size scrap pieces of metal. Seems to me some galvanized scrap sheet metal would make some very nice shingles… nicer than #10 cans and still very free.

Tiny Free House from above

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