Update – In a Holding Pattern

2011 has been a busy year for me with little opportunity to work on the tiny free house. Yesterday we were at the family farm for a few hours to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and I snapped the photo below. The house appears to be no worse for wear. Putting the roof on it last fall was definitely the right thing to do.

The big news I have to report for 2011 is the adoption of a baby girl – growing our family to 4 (mom, dad, and two daughters). Our little one is almost two years old now and we’ve had her in our home full time since she was about 8 months old – but we’ve known her since birth.

You see our daughter’s birth parents are relatives who’s lives spun out of control and into the lap of the law. It’s a sad story but at least their three children (13, 6, and 2) safely landed in the arms of family after a short (1 month) stay in the official foster system. The other two have been adopted by their grandparents.

It’s situations like this that scream for the right kind of help from the community (a.k.a. the system). For example if safe and low cost housing were available to people who fall on tough times, bad luck, drug dependencies, whatever… maybe they would get the leg-up needed to pull things together themselves. Our society seems ┬áto reward those who have good luck with the money game and punish those that don’t. To top it all off all the rules/laws seem to be written to amplify this effect instead of helping everyone achieve their goals.

I don’t have the answers for these bigger questions but I’m sure something useful will be learned by my effort. ┬áCheck back in 2012 – if my current time constraints reduce I’ll be back at it and highly motivated to finish my tiny free house.

Oh by the way. Just to the right of the house is another natural gas well going in nearby. The area is now littered with fracked gas wells.

5 thoughts on “Update – In a Holding Pattern

  1. Wow Mr. Jantzen! I applaud your efforts to provide for these children. Bravo!

    Come visit my humble site sometime. I am a fan of awesome design, and I believe I have an interview coming up with Janet Lee, (who’s book on small space design comes out in March).

  2. Hi Michael,
    Have just read your Fall 2011 Update and I too, applaud your efforts in helping the children. Your update seems to suggest you have a number of items on your plate and I’d like to help you reduce the no. of time constraints and (presumably) the projects you’re working on!
    I’m a retired educator and see a second life developing for me as a tiny homes designer/builder in my local community. I noted a lot for sale for sale in a busy area of town and would like to build a tiny sales office to illustrate and promote the tiny homes concept to those interested.
    Another thought I have is: tiny homes in disaster relief. Joplin is a case in point. Instead of living in emergency shelters perhaps those in need of housing would LOVE the “space of their own place”. I can envision some crews descending upon disaster areas to help survivors rebuild their lives/communities.
    What do you think?

    ~Robert Brennan
    aka Dr. Bob

  3. So sorry about the fracking litter. Love you tiny home though. Keep at it. You’ve inspired us to do one in our backyard, and maybe even one on a vacate lot.

  4. I agree that many people just need a helping hand to succeed. But i also have observed that many people will take a free or low cost house and do nothing with it except work the absolute minimum (or less if we give them more handouts) and live their quiet lives of trash.
    I dont have the solution either, but i do believe that for many laziness is what really keeps them down, not lack of opportunity

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