Micro Green Book Error

Just in case you’ve come here after reading Mimi Zeiger’s new book, Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature, I need to point out an error as it pertains to my story and this project.

The book incorrectly says:

“Equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, it accomodates his entire family. Janzen, his wife, and young daughter all live, eat, and sleep in one room.”

The house is designed to accomodate my family but we do not live in a tiny house full-time, nor intend to. This tiny house is an experiment in extremely low-cost housing that we’ll use as a home away from home. It could also serve as a Plan B in the event of major economic trouble.

Form more information on this project read:

Besides this error in Mimi’s book I’d say it’s a good value for someone looking to see more examples of tiny houses. Another good book on the topic is The Small House Book by Jay Shafer.

You can learn more about tiny house at TinyHouseDesign.com and TinyHouseBlog.com.

You can buy a copy of Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Micro Green Book Error

  1. Michael,

    I apologize that my wording incorrectly implies that you live in the house full time. I was trying to explain how many people it could hold, but apparently I overstated the case.

    Thanks for being understanding and for the shout out.


  2. No worries Mimi. Just wanted to have a correction post on this site for those that might stumble upon the project from the book.

    Love the book and will write a detailed review on my big blog, tinyhousedesign.com.


  3. I have been following the tiny house movement for 3 years now and am now on my journey to building one. First we’re building one for someone else FREE. My finace and I have been so inspired by blogs just like yours and have started our own blog to document the entire process: http://www.thetinyhouseproject.com What is the one thing you would recommend regarding gathering free materials? Thanks!!

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