Good News and Sad News

The good news is that I’ll most likely be moving the Tiny Free House off the family farm and closer to home. In fact I may squeeze it along side my regular house and fence in a little more of my side yard to keep my neighbors from freaking out. This is good news because having it here will allow me to work on it much more often.

The sad news is that it looks like the family farm is going to have to be sold. Both the primary legal owners are retired and living there… and living way out in rural anywhere doesn’t always make the most sense as we all get older. So both are carefully working through the details of selling and moving. It’s sad because the land has been in my wife’s family for over 100 years. But then again 100 years ago the world was a very different place and the needs of folks back then were quite a bit different from folks these days.

So while this is good and sad news it also seems like the right thing to do all the way around. Although it does increase my interest in finishing the house soon and finding some cheap land to set it up as a home away from home.

So stay tuned… now I’m working on moving day preparations like finding the quickest way to batten down the pallets and exploring the best freeway-free path to safely make the 60 mile trip. The house IS on wheels but it’s far from complete and will need some added support to make it through all the bumps and turns.

7 thoughts on “Good News and Sad News

  1. Hi there – just found your blog. We’re in the process of returning to the northeast and I think, eventually, will build – really want to build from reclaimed materials and pay as we go. I’m wondering if you are doing the same thing? I’ve only read one of your postings, so I’m not too familiar with your project. We’d like to end up with something off grid and passively solar etc. I’ll keep reading but love to hear more.

  2. Kind of… I’m basically running an experiment to see if a house can be built for free. What money is spent on materials will be recaptured by selling free stuff I acquire.

  3. Hi, Michael!

    So sorry to hear about the family farm being sold — I’m encouraged to see that you’re still going at the house, however. Keep it up?

    BTW, what size trailer are you using for the house?

  4. Thanks Steve.

    The trailer measures about 7×12 and was an old utility trailer my wife’s grandfather made. So it’s a custom job to say the least. :-)

  5. I’m sorry too, that the farm must be sold… it’s not that peoples needs have changed you know. It’s their perceived needs… good luck with your project…

  6. Good luck finding cheap land, been looking for myself for over five years and very very hard to locate in my price range (which of course is out of date but nothing I can do right now). Sorry much for family farm to be sold – maybe family relatives could get together and (if it wants to be kept) set up a trust or something to hold it together as a group…

  7. Hi Michael,

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog and I’m so sorry to hear that the farm is being sold.
    I use to spend many a summers at my mothers family farm in Saskatchewan and boy those were my best days as a kid. Sadly my uncle had to sell, but at least I have fond memories.
    Good job on the tiny house. It will be great to have it right in your yard to work on it at any moment.
    I started a similar tiny free house project late last summer and well lets just say it’s not always for free….

    Hope all goes well with the move.

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