Construction Update and How-To Videos

I took the day off from work we took a half-day trip up the the farm today. I spent a few hours working on the Tiny Free House, shooting some photos and video. I hope this is the beginning of a series of trips that will get me a lot closer to completing the Tiny Free House. Here are a few of the videos I shot.

How to take apart pallets

Tiny free house tour

How to work with the pallet boards

Demonstration of attaching pallet boards to the roof

Nice view of corn field

Crop duster flys over the Tiny Free House

8 thoughts on “Construction Update and How-To Videos

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  2. I want to thank you so much for doing this job and showing others. I will write off this on my website in sweden and hopefulle get some people interested.

    Have a nice day

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  5. Dude, you're awesome for documenting your journey and deserve more thanks for doing this. So Thanks and keep going!

  6. Cant wait to see what you will do next. I hope you will get some time to work on it soon.

  7. When you are screwing the roof slats down, have you pre-drilled holes in the slats, or are you just going right through the wood? I would be think that it would want to split, esp. if you’re within an inch of the board end. Also, I love the aesthetic, but I’m curious why you didn’t cut the roof boards to 32″ rather than 16, for half as much sawing? Is it because of the nails in the middle rail of the pallet? Thanks for documenting this wonderful project, it’s a big inspiration!

  8. Thanks PJC,

    I’m not pre-drilling and it seems to be fine. There are a few 32″ boards on the roof. But pallets are tricky to dismantle into large pieces of wood so the 16″ seem to work fine, albeit a few more screws and cuts.

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