The Scrap House is Progressing Nicely

My own tiny free house is taking a lot longer to build than I ever expected but I just checked in on the scrap house gang and they are really making great headway on their free house.

They’ve been distracted too and have had some short delays as well. I think time may be the most common challenge with free house construction, scavenging takes a lot of it and you can’t just go down to the store and buy stuff. Take a look at their latest progress, visit The Scrap House blog.


11 thoughts on “The Scrap House is Progressing Nicely

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  2. Wood Pallets is how the Asian Longhorned Beetle got to the Worcester MA area. They are killing our Sugar Maples. You might want to tell your readers to be careful where they get their pallets from.

  3. This house is made out of scrap materials? wow pretty impressive, one time I had watched discovery channel and I had seen a house that is build from recycled materials such as plastic bottle, cans and so on well that was really awesome

  4. that is very smart brain wize an eco wize……r u puttin electric in ? an water pipes? or a wood stove?…

  5. Built without money (mostly) from free scrap wood and building materials. Any money sent will be recaptured by selling free stuff I find.

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