More Delays and the Irony of it

I was almost dead certain I was going to go to the farm this past weekend for two days of building bliss but my plans fell through last minute and instead I spent it working on my big house. The irony is that the free house project was born from my frustration with how trapped I feel in my big house, and now it’s the big house keeping me from the tiny house.

At first it was the resale value plummeting which is now down about 40%; yep I’veĀ  lost almost half the value from the peak market price. But the other trapping quality is the time my house takes to maintain. This one, being about 35 years old, has had some deferred maintenance and it seems like every time I turn around I have to fix, prune, mow, or clean something else.

I’m still planning on taking time off from work but June is looking really packed with previous obligations. I think I may take advantage of the good weather and run some garage sales so I can sell the odds and ends I’ve collected. I may also try to tackle some woodworking projects around here like build the tiny house’s front door. Maybe that will help me eliviate some of the frustration I’m feeling and make some real progress too.

3 thoughts on “More Delays and the Irony of it

  1. Have been following this project for a long time. Just had a thought – and it just might not be possible – but can you not take the house to your big one? Put it in the back.

    Then every ‘spare’ moment could be spent on it.

    Of course I do not know the conditions of where you live – but if you could that would so much be the way to go…

    Anyway thanks for the great read and the links you provide

  2. Where did you find your dual axle flatbed trailer? They seem to be expensive…
    Any help is appreciated!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I got mine free from family. But I see them on craigslist from time to time. Often you’ll see trashed travel trailers that have salvageable trailers. Since tiny houses are heavier that travel trailers be sure to carefully consider the capacity of any old/used trailer. Check the coupler (hitch), springs, axles, and tongue. It’s often tough to figure all this out, which can make newer trailers (or good used trailers) a safer, albeit more expensive, option because it’s usually easier to figure out all the weight capacities of the trailer.

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