A Free House Built By Students

I ran across this on Kent Griswold’s blog this morning and jumped for joy. It’s another tiny free house project being built by three students in Salvo, NC. They are scavenging free materials and building a very nice 96 square foot tiny house. It has a little kitchen, bathroom, and living area. They plan to be done within a month.

I’d love to see a million free houses pop-up around the country. I can’t be the only one this simple idea has occured to… and the more people that do it, the more people will try it and discover that a little ingenuity can replace spending money any day. Read the complete story on Tiny House Blog. You can also visit the students’ project blog at thescraphouse.wordpress.com.



11 thoughts on “A Free House Built By Students

  1. Hi! I love your idea and really like what you’re doing with it.
    Just a helpfull hint though – if you want to keep a good relationship with the press, never publish anything before they print it. By publishing the piece before they print it, it becomes a worthless copy to them, and most would not print it at all if they found out.

    All the best in the future.

  2. The first thing that pops out at me with the floor plan is the toilet room door swinging the wrong way… every time you need to “go”, you have to squeeze yourself into the corner of the kitchen cabs instead of just opening the door and walking in. In tiny places, these things are very important… well, in any space.

  3. A pocket door would help but it might be tricky to fin a free one. It would probably need to be made from something like old closet door hardware. Good idea though.

  4. Love the idea want to make a few KOA type cabins on my property in Wyoming to add more sleeping space and like the pallet idea…. one person mentioned ( Shane )about having to squeese into the kitchen to get into the bath room why not have a pocket door on the bathroom that slides between the shower and the wall?
    Wendy S.

  5. In thinking about the door swing; could it be that swinging it that direction allows it to open against the kitchen divider pantry end cap allowing the bath user privacy from the living area and visual space beyond the confines of the tiny bath.

    Got to think beyond the typical design usage of a traditional home when utilizing such small sq ft.

    Now if that is indeed the reason for the door swinging that direction, then a pocket door on the wall behind the toilet would be equally effective.

    However keeping the door swing in that direction allows the previously mentioned additional visual space yet it can easily be closed to allow simultaneous kitchen access when needed.

  6. I would eliminate the shower and put the toilet there.

    Then, where the sofa is, I would put in a bathtub, with a lid that folds down over the tub and becomes a counter top or desk/work/eating surface. Then a horizontal murphy twin mattress could fold down over the counter top. In the morning, just flip up the murphy bed and use the counter. When you’re ready to take a bath, just flip up the countertop.

    That would open up the whole space, Chinese apt-style!

    Please google-search the chinese apt on YouTube that has rolling walls, which when rolled forward, there are many rooms in the same apt! Smiles, Annie in KC

  7. hi i like to see when people cud really help them self its nice to see the home very nic i dont have a home i rent an apartment but its really hard god bless

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