Black & Grey Water Treatment

Initially I was thinking I’d make the tiny free house more like a ‘park model’ house with a flush toilet and RV hookups. But the more I learn about sawdust toilets and soil box gray water systems the more I think that these two solutions are really a better way of dealing with the waste water and sewage.

In addition to being free, these methods are far more sustainable, provide usable compost, and don’t require massive quantities of water. The sawdust toilet does require a special compost pile for the turds to cook. I’m also pretty sure few government agencies officially condone these little methods or handling human waste so before trying this yourself be sure to check your local laws.

To learn more about sawdust toilets and gray water soil boxes get the Humanure Handbook. You can also read The Humanure Handbook online free but this is one book you might want a hard copy of in your library. It makes great toilet reading too… (pun intended). Photo credit to Jenkins Publishing.


4 thoughts on “Black & Grey Water Treatment

  1. Thanks Tys! Excellent website and resource. Looks like exactly what I was looking for to design and built a small grey water system.

  2. Yep, I’ve been thinking the same thing. One alternative to the sawdust toilet is a Dutch design called the nonolet I’ve been thinking about the greywater filtering, but not sure if a greywater box would be big enough to cope with a shower and sink drainage. I need to look into these further too, but composting is definitely the way to go for the toilet.



  3. To make the composting toilet work better and smell less, divert the urine:

    There are free plans on that Web site if you dig around. I’ll try to update them soon.

    Urine can go to a planted system with the graywater (=how we spell it in the U.S.). I recommend not using topsoil. It will clog your system.

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