Free Housing Example On Craigslist

Sacramento has a very active craigslist and I spot free mobile homes on there regularly. They are usually in pretty rough condition and to haul one of these away would require a bit of work and a large truck. But for the right person this could be a really turn out to be a great opportunity. If the condition is too far gone imagine the tiny house you could build on a 14′ by 60′ trailer frame.

5 thoughts on “Free Housing Example On Craigslist

  1. I would recommend you enlarge the loft windows, so you can use them as a fire escape in case of emergency…

  2. The frame is probably worthless as a frame (might be good for something else), but I’d be happy with the metal chassis.

  3. I agree. A project like this would be tough to work with.

    Funny handle… “Utopia is Boring”… I’m not sure I agree… seems to me boring is the current common condition of suburban America. I for one am having a great time fighting to extract myself and it’s anything but boring… now when I get to a sustainable self-sufficient utopia… I’ll let you know what I find… if I still have a phone and internet that is :-)

  4. I wish some one out there had any kind of house to giveaway.
    I would be happy with any type of house regardless of size or condition. I love the southwest. thanks Ivan

  5. Hi Ivan… there’s always the HGTV contest… it ends February 19, 2010.

    The only trouble is that that house ain’t tiny and is sure to cost quite a bit to maintain and in taxes. Love the area though, just south east of Santa Fe, but sadly it’s definitely not a ‘walkable’ neighborhood.

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