Furniture built from free pallets and barn wood

The furniture you see below was made from free pallets and barn wood. When I first saw the photos I really couldn’t believe my eyes. They were made by Jeff who seems to have an endless supply of talents including tiny house building. I posted an article on Jeff’s tiny house on my tiny house design blog a little while back. Be sure to take a look at that house, also very nice. Here’s what Jeff said about this furniture:

The first is a wine cellarette and is built from reclaimed barn boards. It appears to be Southern Yellow Pine with lots of insect damage, which actually adds a lot of character. The other is a Low Boy made of oak. ┬áTypically you would not find an oak low boy, but pallets are free. The pallets I used for the low boy were from pallets used to ship heavy equipment, they were 1″ thick.

It’s really amazing what can be done with free found stuff. It take a bit more effort to turn the trash back into usable material but it can be done, and in this case done very well.



3 thoughts on “Furniture built from free pallets and barn wood

  1. There appears to be a big trend towards more furniture from sustainable sources lately which is a good sign. More and more manufacturers are now sourcing oak from sustainable managed forests that are accredited by FSC. Coutries like China have been slow to catch on with the sustainable but i have been very encouraged to see that some of the big furniture factories in Vietnam are now sourcing solid American oak from sustainable managed forests in the US. I think this is a result of the western companies pushing for this as customers ask for sustainable oak more and more now and the Vietnamise have realised its importance and it then helps them to secure larger furniture deals.

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