Spring has sprung and tiny house building resumes!

I finally have time blocked off to get back up to the farm and get back to work on the tiny free house. The weather is perfect and there’s a pile of pallets is waiting for me. I’m really looking forward to spending some time outside working too. I work in front of a computer screen all day and while the winter here in California is mild, I still feel like I’ve been cooped up too long.


My next steps will be to first decide on the final roof design. Even though it takes up a little floor space I think I’m going to go with the asymmetrical roof design below. It’s unique, cute, stronger, and the steep roof pitch should be pretty good for solar panels if I can find some free ones.

I plan to take a rope and a couple of boards and mock-up the roof line just to get a good idea of how much floor space I’ll loose by having one short 48-inch wall. Google Sketch-Up is handy for picturing the house in 3D but nothing beats standing inside the real thing, especially when designing a tiny house where every inch counts.

Check back next week to see my progress! In the mean time you might be interested in some free tiny house plans I posted on my tiny house design blog.

4 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and tiny house building resumes!

  1. I love the asymmetrical roof. I haven’t had time to watch the google sketchup tutorials, but as soon as I do, I want to put together a design involving a roof that slopes asymmetrically lengthwise, such that the structure only had a half-loft at the rear.

    Thank you for posting free house plans!

  2. Very cool stuff…

    I’m working on a similar but slightly more ambitious project of building a tiny house without nails, glue, or in fact, any fastener that you can’t use your hands to place. Perhaps I will post the whole thing when done though.

    I do have a question about your floor plan though, having lived in a van, and other small spaces.

    Why have a bathroom sink, as opposed to JUST a bathroom shower? You already have a kitchen sink.

  3. Actually the jury is still out on the whole sink in the bathroom thing. I may end up leaving it out and use the kitchen sink. But then again there would be space in the bathroom.

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