2500 Free Pallets In Brooklyn

Actually the craigslist ad says that they will pay you to take these 2500 pallets off their hands, so these pallets are more than free. Now Brooklyn is a bit of a drive from Sacramento, 2,823 miles to be exact. So I won’t be rushing out to get these 2500 pallets. But if you’re in the Brooklyn area, want free pallets, have a place to store them, and like getting paid, you might want to take a look at this craigslist ad. Thanks for the tip Vanessa!

2 thoughts on “2500 Free Pallets In Brooklyn

  1. Hah, that sure is a long ride. Funny you included the map. And that sure is a lot of pallets!

  2. Haha! Now I know who (at least part of) my competition for Sac area craigslist stuff is! =P I will not be going to Brooklyn either, however much I would like the pallets.
    Cute house idea–look forward to seeing the end product. Looks like no rain for a while, so lotsa time for work outside.

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