I see a sawdust toilet

My wife sent me a link to this bedside commode with a note telling me she’d found the perfect toilet for the tiny free house. She was kidding of course. But when I saw it all I could see was a lot sawdust toilet potential energy. What do you see?


7 thoughts on “I see a sawdust toilet

  1. I see something that’s too big for the house you’re building. Why not just go with a nice, white five gallon bucket with some sort of commode cap that closes (and I would recommend a separate urinal — could be a one gallon plastic milk jug). Here in Florida I don’t know where I’d get sawdust, but I use ground leaves and it works perfectly. I really like your tiny house project and I appreciate your sharing it, it may be the answer I’m ultimately looking for…

  2. When I was a boy my parents decided to move us all to the country. We lived in a trailer without running water for a few years. Our toilet was one of these bedside crappers with a five gallon bucket underneath. We kept a lid on it when not in use, and put a handful of wood stove ashes in it after each deposit. The smell was never really that bad, even in the middle of the summer with a family of five.

  3. We are a family of 5 adults in the Oregon rainforest who use the Humanure system of composting and reclaiming our nutrients. There is nothing to buy if you’re good at scrounging, and all the information is free on his website.
    Very wonderful system we’ve been doing it for over a year. anywhere you can fit a 5-gallon bucket with a seat you can have a bathroom. A supply of hardwood sawdust is ideal, save everything from your pallet projects! :)

  4. Thanks TR! I agree 100%. It seem terribly foolish to flush away gallons of water every time we pee or poo. Just crazy really.

    I’m not a user but from everything I’ve read sawdust toilets is the perfect solution for dealing with human waste and grey water is much easier to treat or work with. The only trouble is selling the idea to the general public and county planners. But nice to know the solution is there if we all start to run low on safe drinking water.

  5. The Answer to ALL this is Simple! anyway you want to do it… wash with WATER
    a hand held sprayer hooked up works the best …then you use cloth wipes to dry off ONCE YOU WASH AND THEN DRY … SMELL THE CLOTH….IT IS CLEAN SMELLING! toss it in with all your wash…keep a roll of TP hanging for company…and you will never have to buy TP again! Half of the world uses water to wash their bottoms
    and a darn good percentage of them use their left hand to help the water along…
    if i had to i would BUT with water pressure there is simply no need
    so it comes down to this TP does what it does and it cost cash to allow you to do what it does…but you can rinse and wipe a clean bottom dry with reusable cloth…
    Now if you really want to go Green build a SAWDUST TOILET one for NO#2
    and next to it one for NO#1 so you start in No#1 then you scoot over to NO#2
    and hop back to NO#1 to rinse off…PAT DRY with reusable cloth…
    and you are AS GREEN as you can get…

  6. Thanks for that comment Michael.

    From what I’ve learned so far you’re absolutely right about the rest of the world taking care of business as you describe. The more people I hear from that don’t do it the American way the more I wonder how we got started on the whole wasteful TP thing in the first place.

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