Alternate Roof Design in 3D

Tonight I played with Google SketchUp, the free 3D software from Google. I’m still not very good at drawing with it but I think this wire frame drawing, and video below, really help to explain a recent idea I’ve had about the roof line. There are several reasons I like this design.

  1. It looks really cute without too much extra effort.
  2. I should be stronger since the left wall stays short (about 4 feet).
  3. Not much usable headroom is lost since a bench/bed will be along the short wall.
  4. The loft will be a bit narrower but still 6 feet in depth.


My plan is to mock it up for real on my next work weekend to the farm. The weekends have still been a bit wet and I’ve not found time, but I suspect I’ll get a couple days in a row to get up there and get a start on this. If it seems like it’s not going to work I’ll go back to a more conventional pitched roof. Let me know what you think. Here’s the video:

7 thoughts on “Alternate Roof Design in 3D

  1. Michael, The 3D house is great! The saltbox style is a design classic that not only endures but also has practical features galore to suit the tiny house requirements. Bravo!

  2. does the new design require you to undo the work you have done on the two gable end windows?

  3. The only real change is to lower the front window. The side windows stay the same. The wall height on the left side is right where it needs to be. The back window need to be moved to the right a little, but it’s just tacked on there right now.

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