Just waiting for some clear skies

Just a quick update. I’m hoping to get back up to the house one of these next few weekends and finish the walls and possibly get the roof framing started. We’ve just been having lots of needed rain here in northern California and it’s made the possibility of a weekend trip up to work on the house a bit difficult. Here’s a link to the most recent 3D drawing of how I think the house will look. Here’s a little map from Weather Underground of our current wet weather. The tiny free house is under the yellow somewhere.


Another Free Trailer Example

I just spotted this on craigslist but I be I’m too late to get it. I’ve noticed that competition for the free stuff on craigslist has been increasing, and this trailer was posted four hours ago, a lifetime on craigslist. I’m thinking that if it’s not a good renovation candidate that I’d be able to use a trailer for raw material for the tiny free house and the trailer for a future tiny house.