Next Steps and Making Time

It’s Sunday morning and another weekend away from the saw dust and splinters of my tiny free house (sob). The last few weekends seem to have been eaten up by other things. This weekend was spent mostly preparing for a work related trip to Los Angeles. So I thought I’d map out my plans for getting the house closed in before it starts raining here in northern California. The little project plan below shows what I think I can get done in weekends beginning with the next available weekend. These pre-work steps are things I can do at home during the week.

  • Weekend 1 Pre-work: Prepare pallets and build steps.
  • Weekend 1: Finish putting up the the pallet walls, three window bucks.
  • Weekend 2 Pre-work: Prepare roof pallets. Scavenge metal for roof.
  • Weekend 2: Put on the pallet roof and sheet in metal.
  • Weekend 3 Pre-work: Scavenge steel for straps.
  • Weekend 3: Anchor everything down with bolts and metal strapping, anchors, and tie-downs (example).
  • Weekend 4 Pre-work: Continue to scavenge plywood
  • Weekend 4: Cover roof with found plywood.
  • Weekend 5 Pre-work: Mill pallet slats with lap joints. Make hundreds of them :-)
  • Weekend 5: Cover walls with milled pallet slats.
  • Weekend 6 Pre-Work: Mill more pallet slats for the walls. I’ll need enough for the exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling, and floor. Yikes!
  • Weekend 6: Finish covering exterior walls.
  • Weekend 7 Pre-work: Scavenge paint and/or exterior sealers (like urethane).
  • Weekend 7: Paint the house with something to protect the wood and make it look cute.

This should get the exterior closed in. Then as winter rolls in I can move to the interior and finish the interior walls, insulate, plumb, and wire it up. I already have house wrap, roofing felt, some plywood, a good lead on some metal roofing from a nearby farm (in trade for pallets no less), and some other stuff so I should have a good jump on scavenging.

I think planning like this will help keep me on track too, especially with the weather changing. It really is starting to feel like fall, still warm here in the Sacramento Valley but definitely starting to cool off.

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