Ah-HA! …duh… just use the pallets the way Man made them!

OK you’re right… God had nothing to do with pallets… in fact if God made the trees and someone with a really arduous job made the pallets. But I digress already…

A few people have suggested that I just use the pallets without breaking them down. I discarded the idea at first because I didn’t think the house would be strong enough and that the pallets wouldn’t fit the trailer I’m using.

Then as I started to draw the pictures you see below and you’ll see how wrong I was. For the structure I’m going to try using the pallets and simply cut away the parts I don’t need. I can also add more screws and bolts to strengthen the pallets as I go. Plywood sheeting would also strengthen the whole thing.

The drawing is a bit complex so I’m going to show it to you one piece at a time. I started by drawing the outline of the trailer and the width and maximum height the house would have to fit into.

Then I added the floors. Notice that the pallets in the plan view on the trailer have been cut to match the trailer width, length, and wheel wells. Not pictured is the framing that would enclose the wheel wells.

Then I added the walls and cut the pallets off where the roof line would be. I may decide to stagger the pallets but that would require more cutting. I may just try it like it’s drawn here and see how strong it is after being bolted together.

Then I add the roof. Today I’m thinking a weird pitch like this might work better than a normal pitch due to the size of the pallets and added loft head room benefits. But I may go back to a pitched roof as I build if I can find a good way to do it.

Then I pop in the windows and door by cutting out holes and inserting window and door bucks.

Here’s the final drawing.

The entire thing would then get some kind of interior and exterior sheeting. I’m still considering using the lap jointed pallet boards I’ve made. I like they way they look. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Ah-HA! …duh… just use the pallets the way Man made them!

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  2. here is an idea for either the interior or exterior sheeting — those plastic corrugated signs used for political compaigns?

  3. EXCELLENT IDEA SAM!!! I’m going to post a ‘wanted ad’ on craigslist right now for those. Too bad there’s not an election right now. (I can’t believe I just said that :-)

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