The Trailer Informs The Floor Plan

Last weekend I got dusty and sun burned testing a bunch of theories about how best to put this tiny house together. I also got some really good measurements of the trailer. This combined with the decision to permanently attache the house to the trailer added something new to consider, wheel wells. This trailer has some really big wheels too so the wheel wells are more than little bumps on the floor. They require boxes that measure 76″ long by 17″ into the room, by 14″ high. Yikes that’s about 9 square feet.

At first I was a little concerned and then started laying things out and realized that the wheel wells pointed me in the right direction. Ironically I’m almost back to where I started. The door is in the end of the room, the bathroom is back to having a separate shower, the kitchen counter is fairly large, there seems to be adequate space for storage, there’s space for a small water heater, and even the twin size bench/bed downstairs.

The loft sticks out a bit much so my only concern is that this might feel smaller than it is. I could go with another roof design and rotate the loft bed 90 degrees. That would push the loft back 20 inches and open up more of the room visually. I might try that next.

9 thoughts on “The Trailer Informs The Floor Plan

  1. Hi,

    Looks like a very interesting project… I might try and build one like this as a guest house in the back yard. One thing I noticed have you thought of how heavy this could get using hardwood pallet material?


  2. Had another thought. Are convinced about your bed paradigm? You are committing a lot of space to it. Have you considered a Mayan hammock, which takes up no space during awake hours, and sleeps better than any bed?

  3. I did check out the hammock idea. The flip out bed seems like it would accommodate a wider range of people since not everyone can sleep in a hammock. But thanks for the out of the box thinking. Love it.

  4. Johnny… yes. This tiny house will be extremely heavy. The trailer I picked should be able to hold the weight. The axles are really heavy duty and the wheels and tires are from an old pickup. If I were going to build a trailer out of something other than pallets I would seriously consider steel studs and plywood. Check this out

  5. The wheel wells almost make this like a ‘ledge’, a vardo type wagon. I think you’ll be very happy with the results of all this planning, and as another small home builder, I appreciate you posting all your design thoughts. Your musings and ground plans have informed my own design process, and I think my house will be all the better for it.

    I’m also going for the 3/4 loft, but with a gambrel roof for a bit more headroom.

    p.s. I’ve only been to California in the fall once, but I think I’ve got you beat for ‘cold’ here in Ontario. Hope that boat heater is all it’s cracked up to be.

  6. krodgers… Yeah I have to agree… Ontario definitely has California beat in the winter department, good luck with the heater and have something for backup! :-)

  7. Don’t worry about me hon. I lived in a 40-year-old 800 sq. foot built-for-summer shack all last winter, and it was a very bad winter. Going small up here is actually easier in a lot of ways … Especially when it comes time to pay for heating.

    But I will have hydro, and an electric heater on hand just in case. Propane doesn’t work so good when it gets to be 25 below. Still, you’d be amazed how much a tiny dog and a duvet can warm up a place.

    I expect this winter to be another adventure in um… ‘lowered expectations’, but I’m learning that it’s not so bad to dream small.

    One person’s garden shed is another’s mcmansion after all.

  8. Hi Kim… Actually this house will have a bench/bed to the left as you walk in the door. It’s a bench that flips open to be a bench. So the house should sleep three snugly :-)

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