Revised Floor Plan – Just Throwing It Out There

When Julia and I first got married we lived in a small cabin in Mendocino County in northern California. It was 450 square feet and was plenty big for me by myself. She didn’t have much stuff but when she moved in we learned one of the most common lessons of any small house dweller knows all too well; the more stuff you have the less space you have.

When I showed her the plan for the tiny free house, and the challenge of the shorter roof, she pointed out how much bigger it would feel it the loft were just big enough for our daughter Katie and the larger bed were on the main level. We also realized that designing a tiny house is more like designing a piece of furniture since every cubic inch must be considered. This opened us up to some out of the box thinking and we came up with a couple ideas I wanted to share with you.


One of her ideas was a bench that could open into a bed. She drew it on a napkin and I’ve redrawn it here. It basically has a hinged top that flips over doubling the width and giving you a flat surface for a mattress. In this tiny space all that would fit is a twin mattress. I might be able to find a way to fit a full size mattress but first let me describe the second idea.

Flip Down Bunk

A taller ceiling definitely makes a room feel bigger. What if a bed were hinged from the wall ad lifted and latched to the sloped ceiling when not in use?

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