More Pallets

I’ve found I can fit about 11 pallets at a time in the back of my truck. In fact it almost seems like Honda designed the bed of a Ridgeline to hold 11 pallets perfectly. I’m also noticing that craigslist may be not such a good place for finding pallets. The main reason is quality. A lot of the free pallets on craigslist really aren’t salvageable or are people with just a small handful of good pallets. The high price of gas also has me thinking that it makes more sense to get a full load instead of a few at a time.

My wife Julia has gotten really good at spotting pallets as we drive down the highway and has noticed a lot of busiesses with piles of pallets in their warehouse yards. I think I’ll give dialing for free pallets a try tomorrow and hit up some of the local businesses. I’ll also keep my eyes open for free pallets on craigslist but focus on people with 11 or so to give away.

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