We Just Set Free A Pile Of Lumber

Julia spotted a post on craigslist for free stuff including free lumber. It just gave an address nearby and said come get it. So we did. We got a bunch of odd pieces of plywood, 3 new 2x4s, several 4×6 headers of varius lengths, a skylight, and a little ladder we’ll sell to help pay for screws and other misc building supplies. Julia took a photo of Katie and me after our freegan-like family outing.

Preparing For Pallet Panel Making This Weekend

I ran out today and scavenged some pallets with my father-in-law. He knew of a good spot near his old pre-retirement job that always had lots of pallets. There weren’t a ton of good ones but enough to fill the back of my truck again. Now that I’m learning where to look I’m starting to think that craigslist might not be the best place to find pallets. It is an excellent place for finding lots of free stuff but it seems that a lot of businesses just toss them out back and hope the garbage man picks them up. There were piles like this one here and there throughout the industrial park we visited this afternoon. Just be sure to ask permission before freeing pallets.

My plan is to stay home this weekend, get caught up on a few things around the house, and knock together a few pallet panels. As I worked on the tiny free house last weekend I found that it’s best to screw 2x4s onto the open ends of pallets before putting them in place. It makes them stronger and give you more places to screw them together. To get the 2x4s I’ll just bust up odd size pallets, use the 2x4s for augmenting my good wall pallets and the slats for exterior siding. I expect to make another pallet run or two before the long weekend is over. As I build these pallet panels I’ll photograph them so you can see what I mean.