Hunt For A Suitable Trailer

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been collecting stuff and on the lookout for the right trailer. The trailer will be the foundation for the tiny free house and I expect to spend a little money on it (that will be recaptured from selling good free stuff found on craigslist of course).

The final design will be determined by the trailer I finally choose. I suspect the 6′ by 15′ size will probably end up closer to 7′ by 12′ or even smaller like 5′ by 10′. I also think I need two axles but if I find a good one with one axle and heavy duty springs I may settle for that. In any event I hope to have the trailer challenge solved by the end of the month (July 2008) so I can start putting all the pieces together.

2 thoughts on “Hunt For A Suitable Trailer

  1. How much weight does your base trailer need to handle? any idea how much your whole house will weigh in the end?

  2. I think 5000#. I’m basing that guess on comparing to tumbleweed houses of similar size.

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