100% Recycled Cabin

I subscribe to the magazine Mother Earth News and in a recent issue they spotlighted this tiny 100% recycled cabin. Jerry and Zyphia West in Camden, South Carolina built a tiny 16′ by 20′ cabin from reclaimed materials. Inspiration came from an article in Mother Earth News called “Build This Cozy Cabin.” Maybe I’m not so crazy… maybe it’s totally possible and realistic to build a free house. Photo Credit to Mother Earth News and Jerry & Zyphia West.

4 thoughts on “100% Recycled Cabin

  1. I just have a question. Where do you find the land to put the little cabins/houses on? Is this land you already have? If you have to buy a piece of land then you have that monthly payment and land just isn’t cheap anymore.

  2. Hi Helen,

    My house was going to be parked at our family farm, which unfortunately must be sold. So I’m moving it to my home and it will sit on my side yard.

    As far a cheap land, there is plenty out there, although it’s often in remote locations.

    I’m 100% with you on the desire to be mortgage free too. This is my ultimate goal.


  3. This is exactly what my wife and I are planning. We’ve spent years downsizing our lives into what we truly need (yes some wants made it as well) and saving for the land.

    Finding the land isn’t as easy as it seems. the key is finding the land where big brother will let you do what you want with it rather than demand you must build a house twice as big as you need, must hook up to electricity, must, can’t, etc. At the same time it needs to be close enough to have a job, buy supplies you can’t grow/raise yourself. A challenge indeed.

  4. I wouldn’t mind a remote location at all since I’m basically a loner anyway. I’m just looking for alternatives because I’m sure not making it very well where I am and I’m getting too old to take too many more chances.

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